Protect Your Family Against Disease

Take advantage of our vaccination services in Manchester, IA

No one wants to get sick. Keep your family happy and healthy by arranging for vaccination services from Widner Drug and Gift. Vaccinations can keep your family members from contracting a wide variety of serious diseases, like measles, polio and tetanus.

Don't put your family's health and wellness at risk. Contact us today to schedule vaccination services at our pharmacy in Manchester, IA.

It's time to get your local flu shot

It's time to get your local flu shot

Are you on the fence about getting your flu shot this season? Thousands of people die from the flu every year.
The experienced team at Widner Drug and Gift recommends getting a local flu shot every year to:

  • Minimize the risk of contracting the flu
  • Prevent a widespread outbreak
  • Improve your body’s immune response to the virus

Stay well this flu season. Come to Widner Drug and Gift in Manchester, IA today to get your local flu shot.